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Hydrating Your Skin for Cooler Weather

Avoid letting cool, dry weather become a serious nightmare by taking the following precautions: Daily moisturizing:Whether you live in Asia or the frozen desert of Antarctica, an oil-free face lotion is your first step. Your skin is thirsty. Give it what it needs. Keep your body hydrated:Applying moisturizers on your face won’t be enough if

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Out Darn Age Spots!

As the name suggest, age spots may be attributed to aging skin – sometimes referred to as solar lentigines liver or sun spots. Doctors can’t say with 100% certainty why age spots develop on some people and not on others. Generally speaking age spots are more common in adults over 50. But, that’s not to

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Beat the Summer Heat and Still Look Flawless

Summertime. Everyone wants to show off a “summer glow” but after spending hours getting your makeup just right, heat and humidity can really rain on your parade. Here are a few tips for keeping that pristine look intact. Exfoliate: If your makeup doesn’t last all day, you may need to exfoliate. Try a facial or

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