Our Founder

Rosalidia Dubon, CEO & Publisher

Born in San Jose, California and raised in Honduras by her loving grandmother, Rosalidia returned to the United States at age 13. Waking up in a new world was one of the hardest things she had to face as a young girl. She was physically and emotionally harassed because she did not speak the language and wore different clothes that weren’t “in” according to her peers. Her positive mindset and compassionate heart allowed her to keep a bright outlook on life despite the adversity that followed her throughout middle school. However, with nobody to turn to for support, she found her biggest comfort in food and reached 160 pounds by 9th grade.

High school was her golden ticket to start fresh but instead of socializing with other students, she found “safety” in the computer lab. Here, she learned to code and built two pretend businesses, which sparked her entrepreneurial spirit. She went on to explore her passion for marketing and branding during her college years. By searching for nutrition and fitness information online, she was able to break free from her weight issues by putting the newfound knowledge into practice. Her journey of self discovery began, and she became passionate about building a support system for women. 

Rosalidia’s mission today is to create meaningful connections for women that motivate them to thrive. Through education and inspiration, she hopes to emphasize the importance of wellness of mind, body, and spirit. Eco-friendly brands are at the forefront of every event held by Rosalidia, and she seeks out contributors for the magazine that are top leaders in the health and wellness industries who align with her personal goal of “instilling limitless mindsets in women and unleashing their greatest potential”.

Live & Thrive CA is a culmination of all of the things and people that give meaning to her life. Live & Thrive CA is a platform that provides people with access to resources, tips and motivation in beauty, fitness and wellness while connecting them with professionals, mentors, and each other.