Our Founder

Rosalidia Dubon, CEO & Publisher

Rosalidia Dubon is a California-based marketing consultant and CEO of a multi-media platform. She connects brands with the resources and support they need to grow. Rosalidia formed Dubon Consulting in 2010 to help entrepreneurs expand their customer base. She understands the consumer psyche and knows how to tailor powerful marketing messages that sell. In 2016, Rosalidia created Live & Thrive CA multi-media to share health and wellness industry leaders’ expertise with a female audience. “My goal,” says Rosalidia, “is to instill limitless mindsets in women and to help them unleash their greatest potential.”

Rosalidia was born in San Jose, California but spent her childhood with her grandmother in Honduras. She grew up in a third-world country and seemed foreign to her classmates when she returned to the United States at age 13. The kids at school physically and emotionally bullied her because she couldn’t speak English well and didn’t wear fashionable clothes. With no support system to turn to, Rosalidia found comfort in food and reached 160 pounds by 9th grade.

The pain she experienced in middle school fuels Rosalidia’s mission to empower women and entrepreneurs. By bringing health and wellness blog posts, podcasts, and social media messages to a female audience through the Live & Thrive CA platform, Rosalidia helps women feel good about themselves inside and out. When women feel good about themselves, they support each other instead of tear each other down. 

When Rosalidia began her consulting business, she came up against cost-prohibitive obstacles when she looked into branding her new company. She remembers receiving three to five thousand dollar quotes to shoot a video. Ellavae, a co-working and media services space, is Rosalidia’s answer to making launching a new business or brand easier and affordable. Ellavae is located in downtown Burlingame, CA and offers space to work, hold events, access to one-on-one business coaching and social media content creation like videos and podcasts. “Now that I’ve found my support system,” says Rosalidia, “I want to give back and create networking opportunities and support for other entrepreneurs.”

Rosalidia holds a bachelor’s degree in Business, Management and Marketing from San Jose State University. She lives in Foster City, CA with her two daughters.