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Prevent Health Issues and Maintain Good Health with Moxa

When you walk into an acupuncture clinic, you may smell a strange earthy aroma in the air – this is moxa. Moxibustion, commonly known as moxa, is a type of traditional Chinese medicine often used during acupuncture treatments for a variety of health issues. It involves burning an herb called Ai Ye (mugwort or wormwood)

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Acupuncture for Inner Body Balance

Acupuncture is a form of holistic Chinese medicine that has been in practice for more than 2000 years. Today, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the most popular and preferred forms of holistic medical treatments. TCM uses many treatment protocols such as needles, herbal medicines, fire cups, massage – tui na and shiatsu, tai

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Fire Cupping Your Way Off of Painkillers

Fire cupping, or cupping, is a traditional Chinese healing modality. Developed by acupuncturists thousands of years ago in China, its use spread to countries around the world. Cupping is usually combined with an acupuncture treatment. However, this therapy can be used on its own to sedate the nervous system, relax muscles, and deeply heal the

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