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Aromatherapy to Relieve Anxiety and Stress

There’s nothing like a global pandemic to create the perfect storm of stress and anxiety. Because stress can significantly weaken your immune system, it’s critically important to your health and well-being to find simple ways to manage and relieve it. The following list of essential oils and blends addresses the range of emotional and psychological

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Looking Back While Planning Your Forward

“Time is non-linear. I’ll always be with you.” My dad repeated many times to my mother, brothers and me when he learned he had terminal brain cancer and approximately six months to live. I learned many valuable lessons from my father in his final months. I witnessed true courage and what it means to have

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The Process of Grief

They say there are moments in one’s life that you never forget such as receiving devastating news about a loved one’s deadly diagnosis. Some people say they remember every single detail of such a moment. They say they felt as if they had been punched in the gut and became sick to their stomach. Still,

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