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Get on the Toning-Up Fast Track

woman doing push ups

Have you ever had a workout buddy who just seems to surpass you in the gym? Their body fat percentage never stops reducing. The numbers on the scale don’t stop shrinking. No matter how hard you try, your buddy’s results continue to keep coming. Annoying, right? Don’t worry. It’s totally OK to feel that way.

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Carmen Melgoza’s Fitness & Wellness Transformation

Inspires Her Latina Social Media Following to Do The Same Carmen Melgoza had a successful accounting career, but a sedentary lifestyle and a broken relationship took their toll. Her fitness journey and absolute determination to lose 50 pounds are nothing short of inspirational. Driven by unbounded passion and a work ethic shaped by a migrant

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Shaolin Kempo Fighting Techniques that Harness Mental and Physical Confidence

Watching the movie “The 36th Chamber of Shaolin” as a child inspired Greg Shraiman to study martial arts at the Shaolin Temple in China. While becoming a monk was not in the cards, Greg certainly fulfilled his dream of studying at the temple. Now he teaches the Shaolin Kempo style of martial arts at the

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