It’s not hard to see why women of all ages seek out Christina Fulton for beauty advice. The actress-entrepreneur has long blond hair, flawless complexion, electric blue eyes and a precision-toned body. When you get a chance to talk with Fulton, you feel like you can ask her anything. “When you’re of service, and you give of yourself, you start to connect with people,” Fulton says. She’s eager to share what she knows best, the ins and outs of Hollywood, what makes a killer workout, and her favorite topic: secrets to staying young.

Starting out in Hollywood as a model, Fulton caught the attention of movie star Nicolas Cage. They started a family together with both working in the film industry. Fulton became an actress with roles in 16 movies. When she separated from Cage, Fulton faced the challenges of single motherhood. Raising her child on her own inspired Fulton to support struggling single moms. Fulton began to live a philanthropic life by donating to and starting foundations around issues important to her.

Read the rest of her story in the winter 2018 issue of FitNFabs.

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