I know how time flies by and you’re already out of your favorite eye shadow colors. However, how long do your other eye shadow colors and your daily makeup products last? When is it time to replace them with new ones? Chances are that your makeup has already expired.

Mascara and liquid eyeliner: it is recommended to replace every three months. Bacteria can grow very quickly since these products are usually moist and applied so closely to your eye. You will definitely want to do this to prevent eye infections.

Powder eye shadows: fortunately the shelf life can be a bit longer. Depending on the cleanliness of your brushes you can typically replace them after 12-24 months. I always find myself running out sooner or just buying new colors that are in style. For your eye shadow to last the longest be sure to clean your makeup brushes at least once a week. If your eyeshadow gets very dry or clumpy be sure to replace it.

Lipsticks and lip liner: these are good for one year. If you are a casual user of lip products like me you will probably have a lot of product left after one year.

Even if you have taken great care of your makeup sponges and brushes you should still be replacing them every few years. Make sure to replace brushes that are leaving hairs all over your face as soon as possible. Using a chemical-free quality cleanser for your brushes ensures that they are being properly cleaned to prevent spreading germs on your face. You also need to help prevent the growth of bacteria, which can cause those nasty breakouts.

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Your beauty consultant,

Jessica Hernandez




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