With our busy lives, quite a few of us find ourselves feeling puffy and looking exhausted when we wake up in the morning. By using a face roller, our skin can quickly feel tighter and appear less inflamed. Recently, face rollers have become the new “it” beauty tool. These small, handheld devices are used in an upward motion to help with the circulation in your face by stimulating your lymphatic system. They can also reduce fine lines, brighten your complexion and tighten your pores.

These are three current favorites:  

1.    Jade Roller

This is a dual-sided roller that is rolled in an upwards motion to reduce puffiness and support lymphatic drainage. Keep it in the fridge to give your skin the extra perk it needs in the morning. The jade stone helps to bring peace and harmony, enhancing both your inner and outer beauty.

2.    Nurse Jamie Uplift Roller

This unique roller is used similarly to the jade facial roller, but instead its benefits include tightening and enhancing your skin for an even texture and smaller pores. This beauty roller is lined with massaging tourmaline stones to help energize and revive you.

3.    Ice Roller

The best frozen roller to give you an extra energy boost. The cold sensations on your face are perfect to wake you up and make you look less puffy and red. Not only does it feel great on your face, but you can use it for sore muscles as well.

by Alexandra Lee

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