Summertime. Everyone wants to show off a “summer glow” but after spending hours getting your makeup just right, heat and humidity can really rain on your parade. Here are a few tips for keeping that pristine look intact.

Exfoliate: If your makeup doesn’t last all day, you may need to exfoliate. Try a facial or a good scrub to remove old excess skin cells, doesn’t dry you out and leaves you with healthy silky skin so your makeup will stay on.

Powder: Summer heat may make you sweat and cause your makeup to run. To combat this, occasionally touch up your face with your loose powder to absorb your skin’s oils and allow your makeup to last longer.

Oil free makeup: Switch to an oil-free moisturizer and pair that with an oil-free foundation formula to match.

Astringent: Use an astringent whenever possible. It helps to tighten the pores and that enables makeup to stay on longer.

Rose water: Use rose water, nature’s own astringent and apply that on your face. Store it in the fridge for a cooling soothing sensation to tighten up your

Moisturizer: Your skin holds onto makeup much better if it is truly moisturized. If the skin is not moisturized well, it releases more of its own
oils. In turn, this causes your makeup to wear off easier.

Ice: Before applying your makeup, rub an ice cube all over your face to help your pores close and contract. This helps prevent early sweating and give your make up a longer lifespan.

Tomatoes: If the thought of using ice all over your face gives you the shivers, then you can use tomatoes instead. Just before you apply makeup, take a tomato slice and rub it over your face. Wait 5-10 minutes. Then rinse off and pat your skin dry. Tomato helps to tighten and reduce your pores thus making it better able to “hold” onto your makeup for long time.

Milk: Milk is another way to tighten up your skin before applying your daily makeup. Wash your face with milk and pat your skin dry. Wait for five minutes and then apply makeup as usual. You will surely feel the silky difference.

By Carmen Milagro