5 Tips to Build Important Relationships For Your Business

As a new business owner, you may not realize how important politics can be to the development, growth, visibility and opportunities provided to local businesses. Having connections in political circles and good relationships with local elected officials could be a great benefit to your business. To keep your business compliant, you need to be “in the know” with certain regulations, ordinances and fees. You won’t be able to get much done if you have zero contacts, connections and partnerships with your local officials.

Everything is political and as a business owner, you should know that. If not, it’s about time you figure it out. Here are a few tips to help you start connecting with your local government officials for business support.

  1. Join your local business chamber of commerce to connect with other businesses and opportunities.
  2. Find out who your local elected officials are that represent the area your place of business occupies.
  3. Invite local elected officials to your grand opening and have them host an event at your establishment like a ribbon-cutting or to launch a new product.
  4. Schedule a meeting with local elected officials and their staff to get to know them.
  5. Attend city council meetings and study the status of business politics in your city. What’s important to know? What guidelines affect your business? And, what ordinances and issues do businesses face in your city and county?

Entrepreneurship is tough. Business ownership can take over your life, but getting to know the political climate in your area is a business priority. I advise you to start small or delegate local political outreach to a team member or hire a consultant to represent your business. Use these ideas to help your business become a vital community member.

By Chandra Brooks