As we tiptoe our way into fall, we begin to feel the cool breeze on our faces. As refreshing as it is to the soul, our skin won’t feel the same way. Transitioning your skin care routine to prepare for the cooler weather is as important as wearing sunblock every day. Follow these tips to make sure your skin gets everything it needs for the cooler weather that’s on the way!

Thick Moisturizer Swap

Switch out your light summer moisturizer for a heavier face cream, lotion or balm to repair the skin’s barrier that becomes damaged due to the lack of hydration. The best time to moisturize is when your skin is still wet after washing. These heavier moisturizers will leave your skin feeling smooth and silky!

Getting Rid of Breakouts

As the weather changes, your skin needs time to adjust to the cooler temperatures. This may lead to breakouts, but don’t freak out just yet! This is normal, and these breakouts can be prevented. As you transition your skin care routine, use specific products on different areas of your face.
• For dry skin, moisturize with a thick moisturizer all over your face in the morning and at night.
• For oily skin, use a light moisturizer during the day and a heavier cream at night.
• For combination skin, use a light moisturizer in oily areas like the T-zone and a heavier moisturizer on the cheeks.


When you hear the word “steam,” you may be thinking, that’s so much work! Steaming is a highly beneficial step to add to your skin care routine one to two times per week. Steams are gentle on the skin. They open up and clean out your pores while detoxing the skin. All this can be done in as little as two to three minutes.

Grab a cup of boiling water and throw soothing herbs and flowers in there such as chamomile, lavender and rose. It’s like making a cup of tea for your face. Keeping your face 10 inches from the cup, cover your head with a towel and let the steam do the work. After your steam, apply moisturizer on your damp skin. Your skin will
feel like it did when you were a kid!


Facial masks not only do wonders for our skin, but they’re so calming and super fun to do with your girlfriends. However, just like swapping out your summer moisturizer, masks are no exception. It is important to switch your cooling and detoxing masks to something more soothing and hydrating.

These important steps will change your routine so you can have glowing and radiant skin even in the coldest months.

By Dr. Nirali Patel

You can read this article in our Fall 2020 issue