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What Does Wellness Really Mean?

Is it about going to yoga classes, deep breathing, Pilates, smoothies or nature? Is it about how you feel in your own skin? Is it about the number on the scale or the results of your blood tests? There are so many articles about health and wellness that it’s easy to start “should-ing” ourselves. I

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Shaolin Kempo Fighting Techniques that Harness Mental and Physical Confidence

Watching the movie “The 36th Chamber of Shaolin” as a child inspired Greg Shraiman to study martial arts at the Shaolin Temple in China. While becoming a monk was not in the cards, Greg certainly fulfilled his dream of studying at the temple. Now he teaches the Shaolin Kempo style of martial arts at the

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The Mental and Physical Health Benefits of an Active Lifestyle

Exercise strengthens your body, but did you know exercise also fends off depression, anxiety, stress and many other psychological conditions or mood disorders? Leading an active lifestyle is an affordable and simple way to help you feel better and look your best. Learning about the importance of exercise for mental and physical health can help

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