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Track Your Health With a Food Journal

Ever wonder where your calories come from, why you may be feeling fatigued, or how you are gaining or losing weight? You may not realize all that you eat in a day, and one way to figure it out is to start a food journal. Food journaling can hold you accountable for what you eat,

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Take Control of TV Binge-Watching

Have you ever caught yourself watching a television series and repeatedly said, “Just one more episode.” I’m guilty! Nowadays, almost any movie and TV series can be streamed directly to your devices. It seems as if we were meant to consume content in a binge-watching fashion. Current events and governmental stay-at-home policies have surely increased

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Nutrition Hacks and Myths Revealed!

Ask your questions, we have answers. Are there specific things I can eat to help firm up loose skin?Bertha Gonzalez • Baldwin Park, CAIt goes without saying that exercise and sunscreen are critically important to toning and firming one’s skin. But, thinking about skin health from the inside out is also a great place to

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