Have you ever caught yourself watching a television series and repeatedly said, “Just one more episode.” I’m guilty!

Nowadays, almost any movie and TV series can be streamed directly to your devices. It seems as if we were meant to consume content in a binge-watching fashion. Current events and governmental stay-at-home policies have surely increased our amount of binge-watching.

A plethora of health issues stems from binge-watching like sleep deprivation, risk of obesity from snacking, depression and addiction from the body’s chemical response from watching shows. Here are four ways you can reduce the risks of binge-watching:

Commit to Watching With Someone

You’re less likely to watch show after show if you watch with another person. People who watch shows alone are more likely to watch consecutive episodes without a break.

Schedule Activities

Commit to getting your workout done before starting to watch your current favorite series. You can also schedule shorter activities like a walk, push-ups, or sit-ups between episodes.

Controlling Food and Snacks

Before you press play, eat a meal and stay hydrated so you’re not tempted to snack mindlessly. If you are going to snack make sure you’re portioning properly and picking healthy options.

Actively Watch

Shelter-in-place policies drastically decreased my activity levels. When I realized I was binge-watching shows, I told myself I would only watch the show while on a walk or spin bike. Another way to watch actively is to stand while watching instead of sitting. You burn twice the amount of calories standing up.

By Nico Abaya

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