Exercise strengthens your body, but did you know exercise also fends off depression, anxiety, stress and many other psychological conditions or mood disorders? Leading an active lifestyle is an affordable and simple way to help you feel better and look your best. Learning about the importance of exercise for mental and physical health can help you transform your general well-being the right way.
Start Moving and Improve Your Physical Health
Exercise can tone your muscles, improve mobility and shape your body, but it also prevents heart disease, protects against high cholesterol, and could reduce the risk of diabetes. Keeping fit helps stop strokes and hypertension and can buffer against the development of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia later in life. While movement promotes a healthy system, movement can help you reach physical goals faster and assist in rehabilitation programs to aid in recovery from brain injuries, sports trauma and pain management plans. Before you become concerned about joining the gym,
there are simple ways to enhance your activity levels. A walk around the block will increase muscle flexibility while walking up small hills and inclines develops strength and stamina. Dancing is another simple and fun way to burn fat, enhance muscle condition and decrease chronic health ailments. Find an activity you enjoy that provides the added benefits of significantly improved health and a body to match.
Boost Your Mental Health Naturally
Vitamin and mineral enriched supplements can enhance mental function, but exercise is the most beneficial way to reach cognitive strength. When you perform a structured activity, the body is triggered and a chemical reaction takes place. It’s the kind of chemical reaction you want
and involves the release of endorphins and serotonin known as the “feel good” hormones. These hormonal responses are imperative in regulating mood and therefore, routine workouts have become the best ways to manage chronic disorders, including depression and anxiety. Relieve stress and tension with a regular gym session or morning jog to release the good hormones.
What You Can Do to Develop a Healthy Mind and Body
Keeping your heart pumping and body moving helps with both mental and physical fitness. Regular activity increases blood circulation, strengthens synaptic connections that help increase mental
clarity, concentration and prevent cognitive decline. Stay motivated and make exercise part of your lifestyle to produce impressive short and long term outcomes.

By: Rosalidia Dubon

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