Is bloating limiting your daily activities? 

We’ve all experienced bloating at some point in our lives. Although some bloating may be caused by eating too much, that’s not always true. For instance, salt is something that highly contributes to bloating when too much is consumed. Salt causes our bodies to retain water more than necessary which can cause health problems such as high blood pressure. 

A great way to get rid of this water retention is by being mindful of the sodium levels in your food. It may be hard to always track sodium levels in food so it’s beneficial to incorporate a no water retention supplement into your diet as well. 

Additionally, constipation causes bloating. Constipation can happen from a variety of reasons: certain foods, stress, and dehydration. This type of waste build up in the body disturbs the body’s digestive system and a detox can highly benefit the body in eliminating bloating, maintain healthy bowel movements and eliminate excess toxins in the body. 

The consumption of too many carbohydrates, fats, dairy, and fructose can cause bloating because some of these nutrients take a long time for the body to break down such as fat and dairy. Fructose is the hardest sugar of all for your body to break down, and consuming too many carbohydrates causes water retention

Incorporating a healthy digestion supplement into your diet can greatly improve the body’s ability to digest these foods and eliminate bloating. 

By Rosalidia Dubon