In the last few of years, Hemp CBD use has seen exceptional growth and a wider acceptance, whether or not the USA was fully on board or not.  But times are changing and it seems, the USA, with its 76 Million Baby Boomers and 82 Million Gen-Xers, many of whom are turning towards and looking for alternative ways to live healthier lives and avoid or break opioid addictions are finding themselves in the midst of a pharmaceutical vs. homeopathic revolution.

“Is Hemp CBD really just a fad or passing trend?” 

According to Google, Bing and other sources the term fad is defined as “…an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something. This is usually short-lived and without basis in quality; a craze.”

Based on the definition above Hemp CBD use is not a fad (global or otherwise). Contrary to some antiquated, puritanical and profit-driven popular beliefs, Hemp CBD use has never been a fad. Hemp CBD use was never a craze in other parts of the world and its use is not short-lived nor is it without merit. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Before we begin our CBD educational journey together, let’s explore this question. It’s one of the leading questions I get asked most often as a certified CBD Consultant. As a consultant you may find me at workshops for avid learners,  corporate trainings and presentations plus seminars for everyone from baby boomers to millennials to tweens/teens. Everyone seems to crave information and has questions about Hemp CBD these days.

The fact is, Hemp CBD has been used throughout time and has been documented for ages; as far back as artwork on antiquities found in the cradles of civilizations, as far back as 8-10,000 years ago. 

Hemp CBD oil and blended formulations have been around in various countries such as Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean. A great many cultures have practiced the use of herbal remedies, including hemp cbd (as well as cannabis) since the very first healer discovered their medicinal properties. 

Let’s review the numbers.

In 2018: The Hemp CBD market was expected to grow from $200 million to $22 billion by 2020

In 2019: “CBD Skin Care Market Forecasted to Grow to  $959 million by 2024”

“CBD Skin Care is now expected to surpass all other sectors and will reach $194Billion by 2026” (Sources:, Yahoo Finance,, Grand View Research)

The United States is moving towards complete acceptance of HEMP CBD at an incredible speed. These staggering numbers will help you understand that Hemp CBD have become not only household words but in a matter of two years have been fully integrated into everyone’s daily lives.

Suffice it to say, Hemp CBD is clearly “mainstream” and not a “fad” and it has happened in less time than it takes to graduate high school. As I like to say, Hemp CBD is the new “peppermint”, found in every aspect of ours and our pet’s lives. Next time we’ll move onto more discussions about the green plant that is once again taking over the world…because numbers don’t lie.

By: Carmen Milagro – CCBDC

Certified CBD Consultant

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