Growing up in California, Amy Taylor started modeling at a young age working the runway for Macy’s stores. She received her undergraduate degree at Berkeley. With a grandfather who was a pilot teaching her the ins and outs of aviation, she eventually became a commercial pilot with an Arizona license. 

Amy breaks the stereotypes of beautiful women. Gifted and a member of MENSA, she is living proof that women can do anything that they set their mind to. Known for her amazing drive and tenacity, Amy always carries the attitude of a warrior. She believes that no one can break her down because she never quits. “Resilience and staying true to yourself and your dreams is the path that will bring you happiness,” she says.

Amy is of Italian and Hungarian ancestry and takes great pride in living life on her own terms and being unique. One of Amy’s greatest role models was her Hungarian grandmother. Having traveled to 45 countries, she is eager to see more of the world! Travel is her only addiction. 

She also focuses on self-care by setting aside time for meditation and not letting her smartphone become a distraction. 

What do you enjoy the most about modeling?

I love being around people who are creatively talented. It’s amazing how they see things differently. 

How did you feel when you landed your first magazine cover?

Proud of course. My first major magazine cover was a year and a half ago. I got it because I’m an old woman (laughs) and the world tells you that you should retire from modeling after 30. I’m proud of the the whole team. The shoot was two days of physical hiking and moving around in the hot weather by a cliff. 

Are there any drawbacks to modeling?

Sure, you have to hang onto your looks as best you can which takes lots of money, time, and effort and you sacrifice mental energy; it feels almost narcissistic when you have to spend that much time on your looks, but it’s a part of the industry.

Read the rest of her story in the summer 2018 issue of FitNFabs.

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