The salad below has become one of my healthy go-to dishes to bring to potlucks, have for lunch a few days in a row, or as a dinner side with some salmon. It’s incredibly easy, and wonderfully filling while also being light in the belly. Farro is one of the new “it” grains here in the U.S., but it was actually found in Egyptian tombs and is believed to have been one of the mainstays of the Roman soldiers. #funfacts If the high fiber, zinc, and B3 of farro helped fuel the Romans in building an empire, I’m sure it can help sustain us in our daily grind!

Parsley is another nutrient powerhouse that most people disregard as a garnish that’s left on the plate. Hiding in those bright green leaves, however, are massive amounts of folic acid and Vitamins C and A and a reputation as a breath freshener (who needs that after-dinner mint when you can gnaw on some parsley?!?). Since finding out parsley’s superhero status, I’ve gone out of my way to incorporate it into salads, smoothies, and pesto (yes, you can make pesto out of pretty much any herb, not just basil!). An entire bunch may seem like far too much, but I guarantee that it will be less once chopped, and it adds a brightness to the salad that is perfect for spring!

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by Sarah Wilson