Dandelion greens are the bomb, though you’ll probably want to avoid eating those on your lawn unless you live in the middle of nowhere and know that the neighborhood dogs haven’t had their morning pee on them, and no nasty pesticides have been sprayed on them, either. Living in the city, I prefer to trot over to Whole Paycheck and buy them there. They’re less expensive than the oh-so-popular kale, though, so there’s a bonus! Dandelion greens haven’t reached “it” status so snag them while they’re still cheap. They’re a nutritional powerhouse, with four times as much calcium as broccoli, double the iron of spinach, and massive amounts of Vitamins K and E. In French, they’re actually called pissenlit, which translates to “wet the bed”. Odd, right? Not so odd when you realize that dandelions act as a diuretic, which helps prevent microbial growth in the urinary system, and helps the kidneys get rid of excess waste and salt.

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by Sarah Wilson