Mindset is arguably the most important aspect of your fitness goals. You need to develop a mindset that will help you improve your mental focus, not only at the gym but in your everyday life. This isn’t a miracle post that will magically transform your mind and make you want to exercise every day. It’s practical, straightforward and my hope is that it will kick you into gear. 

Taking control of your health is ultimately going to help you continuously create since exercising can help you tap into your creative energy. There are many other benefits:

  • Makes you feel happier
  • Keeps your brain functions sharp
  • Improves your daily functions (yes to carrying all groceries in one trip)
  • Improves sleep
  • Boosts your confidence

No aspect of your life is disconnected from the other. It’s not about separating everything into their boxes but making them work together and live more fulfilled. Here is how you develop a fitness mindset and improve your overall focus.

1) DEFINE YOUR GOALS (YOUR WHY), what is important to you, and not anyone else but you! 
What is your personal health goal? Try not to say that you just want to be 20 pounds lighter, but truly get connected to your inner being. Yet if you honestly want to be 20 pounds lighter, what is the reason behind that? How will it make you feel? What beliefs do you have around what it would do for you?
GO WITHIN and really understand the ROOT of your goal and the WHY and how it will make you feel when you have achieved it. Then start to develop those good feelings already present within you. When we invite the good feelings in, we open ourselves to guidance and direction into the right action steps. 

“I don’t have time, I don’t have the money, I can’t do it, I’ll start after vacation, I’m not strong enough…”
These are all past experiences of fear repeating the same cycles in your life. These little voices in your head are not real, they are automatic and on replay. We all know that when we want something badly enough we make the time for it or we save the money to buy it. We’ll do whatever is possible when we truly desire it. We seem to pause the auto replay for certain things in our lives yet when it comes to self care and self love those doubting voices seem to be as loud as possible. Notice this and start to get familiar with why and when these excuses deter you. Start to shut them down and recognize the EXCUSE alert! 

Don’t label your health as a chore, make it FUN! Make a game out of it. Be flexible with it, assign rewards when you’ve hit a certain milestone (i.e. if you work out 2-3xs a week consistently for a month, buy yourself a new workout outfit to keep you motivated). Have a dance party after you complete your workout, give yourself that salt bath, try to use 4 different colors of vegetables in your dinner and see what you create! Start being creative and have FUN with it, stop making it be so significant or put big lofty goals on yourself when you are starting out. Everything in life takes time, don’t force or resist the balance that we all need in life. Laugh at yourself when you mess up, learn from it and move on. Health is a lifestyle, not a destination.

There is a plethora of diets and fitness fads out there and knowing what works for you entails you to listen to yourself. Does my gut feel good about eating this? Does my body feel good about lifting today or does it desire yoga today? LISTEN to your body…it’s always talking to you. DO what works FOR YOU! Take all the noise out and FOCUS on what works for you. Stop comparing yourself to what everyone else is doing. You are the best teacher for you. Follow your instinct on what you need and seek guidance when you feel it is necessary. 

by Jeanette Ortega

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