Silicon Valley is a hot spot for talented individuals and start-ups, and it can take quite a bit to succeed and make your company stand out. We spoke with five notable women who achieved their goals and are thriving in their careers. Their industries are wide-ranging, including politics, manufacturing biodegradable materials, founding a school for autism, money management, and helping companies tell their innovation stories. Each woman speaks about the challenges she had to overcome, as well as many particular issues she faced as a woman in her field. Their stories are compelling and will inspire and motivate you to flourish in your career!

We’ll be highlighting one of these five inspirational women each day. This is part five.


What is Mango Materials?
Mango Materials is a San Francisco Bay Area-based company that manufactures biodegradable materials. It’s comprised of a first-class team of engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators.

What interested you in starting Mango Materials?
I have always been passionate about the environment – specifically the concern surrounding disposal of materials and waste.

Have you faced any issues as a woman in the biomanufacturing industry?
People remember me and my team since there are few women in biomanufacturing. This can be nice since we are sought after to participate in events and conferences, but it can also feel like we are operating under a magnifying glass with others watching.

By Ali Lee and Sarah Wilson