With thousands of skin care products out there, choosing the correct product types for your skin can get complicated! This guide will help you build the proper skin care routine for your skin type.

Oily skin

Controlling oil production is the key to regulating oily skin.
Cleanse: use a gentle foaming cleanser to break down excess sebum from pores.
Tone: use an astringent toner with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) or beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that tightens pores to control the overproduction of oil.
Serum: choose lightly exfoliating serums that are targeted toward oil control and regulation with ingredients such as tea tree and neem.
Moisturize: oily skin still needs to be hydrated. Use a light-weight or gel moisturizer to prevent oil build-up.

Dry skin

For dry skin, it is important to lock in hydration.
Cleanse: use a cleansing oil or melting balm cleanser that removes debris without stripping away your skin’s natural oil.
Tone: use a hydrating toner with hydrating ingredients such as niacinamide.
Serum: use a hydrating serum or essence with ingredients such as aloe or an oil-based serum to quench dry skin.
Moisturize: use a cream moisturizer with ingredients such as shea or mango butter that protect the skin’s barrier from further damage.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin needs to be nourished and cared for very gently.
Cleanse: pick a mild non-comedogenic, chemical-free and fragrance-free toner to avoid aggravating the skin.
Tone: choose a nourishing toner that brings nutrients to the skin to reduce inflammation.
Serum: use a calming serum with ingredients such as chamomile and calendula to soothe redness.
Moisturize: use a medium-weight moisturizer with soothing ingredients such as almond oil to lock in hydration.

Mature skin

For mature skin, the goal is to moisturize since this slows down the skin’s aging process.
Cleanse: use a melting balm cleanser to bring hydration to the skin.
Tone: use a toner with ingredients such as rose and bergamot that reduce fine lines and brighten the skin.
Serum: pick a serum with anti-aging properties that target fine lines and firm the skin.
Moisturize: choose a cream moisturizer to lock in moisture.

Follow these easy steps to achieve healthy glowing skin!

By Dr. Nirali Patel

This article can be found in our Summer 2020 issue