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Overcome Self Doubt In Your Entrepreneurial Journey

For those living the entrepren-artist, solopreneur or mompreneur life, you know that the lonely hours, the hard work, the less-than-adequate funding can cause and fuel stress, negative thoughts, self-doubt and even complete burnout if you’re not careful. You may lose your motivation and your mojo by succumbing to the “negative bias,” the natural human tendency

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A Strong Foundation For Entrepreneur and Traditional Employee Couples

For many couples, it’s hard to stay connected. The challenges are even greater when one of you is an entrepreneur and the other is an employee with a traditional workday. It’s important to communicate skillfully, discuss your ideal work/life balance and implications, set realistic expectations, take responsibility for your choices and plan quality time together.

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5 Current Social Media Trends to Grow Your Business

If there’s one constant truth about social media, it’s that it’s always changing. New user features, algorithmic updates and increased advertising have expanded the marketing potential for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Depending on your industry, there are many options for social media marketing today. The key is to find your niche platform, identify your target

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