The passion you have for your business idea and your belief in yourself are key to your growth and powering through difficult times. The following six elements will help you on your journey to achieving your entrepreneurial goals.

I am very demanding of myself and push myself to the limit because each day is an opportunity to grow. If we don’t consistently demand the very best from ourselves, how will we ever know our full potential?

I decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship in 2012 when my dear friend and I started a dessert catering business in the San Francisco Bay Area. That’s when I realized I had the mental strength and endurance to withstand the entrepreneurship roller coaster. I believe that the risk of putting myself out there is worth the reward.

Key People
Over the years I have learned that skill, experience, and dedication alone are not enough to be successful. Who you know is equally, if not more important than what you know. As publisher of Live & Thrive CA, I have had the privilege of meeting community leaders, executives, and other successful entrepreneurs who have seen value in becoming my mentors. I owe much of my success to these great individuals.

San Mateo County Supervisor David Canepa recently acknowledged the work I have been doing in the community, specifically within women-owned businesses. This humbling recognition has served as a personal reinforcement that I AM on the right track, and my hard work IS paying off! Fellow entrepreneurs will agree that we don’t need validation because we trust our instincts, but there is definitely a sense of accomplishment when our hard work gets acknowledged and ignites the fuel to keep going.

Even though we have developed and sharpened our skills and might have a lot of experience in our field, there is always room for improvement and growth. The more you expand your mind and welcome feedback and criticism, the more tools you will have to better your business.

When I encounter someone who brings value to my mission, I am very vocal about asking them to become my mentor. All of the people I’ve asked have said yes without hesitation. Most people are willing to help with your journey; don’t be afraid to ask.

In a world full of noise and always being on the go, I have found that being present and still has done my mind, body and business good. Mindfulness could mean many things, so adopt the modality that works for you. I personally enjoy guided meditations, mantras and sun salutations. They have helped me realize it’s not about working hard but working smart. Your mind is very powerful. Hold the feeling of success or what you wish to attract in your mind, embody that feeling and expect it to happen.

Energy goes where attention flows!
Giving Back The purpose of our existence is to live in harmony with everything on our planet. One way to do so is by giving back to keep the universal energy flowing. Giving back to causes that matter to you help you feel accomplished and provide motivation to keep going. It is much more satisfying to reap the benefits of your hard work when you are making a difference in the community, and they are able to celebrate your accomplishments with you.

Plans deviate sometimes, but it’s important to remember your “Why” and maintain a clear picture of your desired results. When facing stagnation, implementing new strategies to accomplish your goals is a must. Assess often and pivot as needed. Changing things around is not a failure; it is an act of courage and evidence of elevated self-awareness.