As a mother of two and being an entrepreneur, it’s very challenging to balance the many parts of life. That’s why I have embraced being a mindful parent. To me, mindful parenting means knowing and understanding that our children are watching and learning from everything we do. Realizing this shapes the way I act around them. Being a mindful parent goes beyond making sure they are fed, sheltered and educated. Here are some mindful parenting practices I follow to achieve a balanced home life.

Instill a Sense of Community

How involved are you in your community? Do you volunteer or donate to non-profit organizations? Reaching out to those around you will show your kids the world has needs, and we are here to be of service.

Show Gratitude

Remind your kids day and night how fortunate they are for having food, clothing, electronic gadgets and a roof over their head. Since their lifestyle is all they know, tell them about how kids live in other parts of the world and how happy they are with the little things they do have.

Earn the “Extras”

This one is tricky because, as parents, we want to give our kids everything. The truth is, they only need one pair of shoes and a few outfits, anything more should be earned. 

Don’t Repeat Your Parents Mistakes

I often hear, “My parents weren’t the best, but I turned out ok.” Do you really want your kids to say this about you? The key here is to identify where you feel your parents could have done better and change that pattern.

Set a Work Schedule

Time is what your kids most need from you, so make sure you are present and not always on your computer or phone. Having your kids next to you while you are on your gadgets is not spending time with them. Make sure they feel heard, and ask them how they are doing. Most kids won’t share how they feel unless you ask them and it will be even harder to communicate if they see you being “busy” all the time.

Practice Self-Care

As a result of taking good care of yourself, your kids will see how comfortable and happy you are in your skin. The feeling will trickle down to them, and they will learn self-confidence. Also, be vocal and empower them by telling them how beautiful, smart, brave and talented they are.

Raising kids in a mindful environment will make for kind, confident and limitless minded kids who will care for themselves and the environment around them.

By Rosalidia Dubon