Tag: Self-Awareness

Track Your Health With a Food Journal

Ever wonder where your calories come from, why you may be feeling fatigued, or how you are gaining or losing weight? You may not realize all that you eat in a day, and one way to figure it out is to start a food journal. Food journaling can hold you accountable for what you eat,

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The Essence of an Entrepreneur

The passion you have for your business idea and your belief in yourself are key to your growth and powering through difficult times. The following six elements will help you on your journey to achieving your entrepreneurial goals. GritI am very demanding of myself and push myself to the limit because each day is an

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5 Minutes of Self-Reflection

Let’s look at how taking five minutes a day to practice self-reflection can help us move forward rather than cling to the past. FINDING THE TIME Life can be incredibly busy with constant multi-tasking in order to stay on top of everything. Sometimes, finding the time to do anything but work, eat, and sleep can

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