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Be Drawn

Have you ever sat down to draw up a list of what you thought were “goals,” only to realize that what you really had was a list of things you felt you should be doing – not the things that give you life? I love the call to action in this quote by the poet

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What Does Wellness Really Mean?

Is it about going to yoga classes, deep breathing, Pilates, smoothies or nature? Is it about how you feel in your own skin? Is it about the number on the scale or the results of your blood tests? There are so many articles about health and wellness that it’s easy to start “should-ing” ourselves. I

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When You Look at Yourself in the Mirror, What Do You See?

The next time you’re near a mirror, take a moment and look at yourself. Do you see a beautiful, capable, and strong human being? If not, you’re not alone. Almost every woman I’ve worked with as a photographer has struggled at some point in her life to acknowledge her own beauty — and I have,

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