What is the Deal with Celery Juice?


We’ve been hearing about the green juice trend for a while now, but celery juice has recently been all the rage when it comes to maintaining your health. Everyone has been swearing by this vegetable and the numerous benefits it has for our bodies, but why? 

While celery has many known benefits, the main one is hydration. It’s extremely hydrating due to the vast amount of water and electrolytes in the vegetable. One whole celery head is 16 ounces when juiced, giving people a much easier way to get their water and nutrients all in one. 

This simple vegetable has the power to reduce blood sugar levels and blood pressure. It also reduces high cholesterol, the risk of urinary tract infections and aids in weight loss. 

Now that we know some of the benefits of this green vegetable, are you going to start incorporating it into your everyday routine? 

by Alexandra Lee

2 comments on “What is the Deal with Celery Juice?”

  1. I’ve never really been a fan of celery but since I have psoriasis, I hear it’s good for skin conditions. Thanks for providing all of the health benefits. I truly didn’t know that there were so many. I might incorporate it now! 😊

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  2. Is Celery Juice Good For You?
    You, open your Instagram and what you will see in most pictures? A trendy juice! Just search #celeryjuice on Instagram and you will see more than 40000 results of photos.  Celery juice, Is it even healthy? Is it really worth? We will figure it out in this article.

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