The world around us constantly changes as do our bodies. This means that the diet and exercises that once worked for us may not work anymore.

Here are 5 reasons why most people unknowingly fail to keep fit.

1. You may be doing it alone

You might feel less awkward while exercising alone. But the truth is that it is lot harder to stay motivated. When you are working out with a friend, you both can help each other stay on track when it gets harder. It is a lot more fun, too!

2. Lack of hydration

There are an array of benefits of keeping well hydrated! It clears your skin, revs your metabolism, and helps you stay focused. Most importantly staying hydrated also keeps your body fit and in the best health possible.

3. Plateau

Change up your workout routine! If you continue the same workout month after month, your body will get used to it and you may not enjoy the same health benefits from your exercise routine that you once enjoyed. You need to keep challenging yourself by increasing the intensity of your workout or by mixing it up with other or different exercises.

4. Incomplete workouts

A complete workout consists of five crucial parts – cardio, strength training, core exercise, stretching and balance training. If you’re physically able, perform all of them to ensure your body gets a complete balanced workout.

5. Inconsistency

If you want to see results from any activity, you should be consistent. The same holds true with your workout. If you are on-and-off about your workout and your diet, you will not keep your desired shape or good health for long.

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