It is always important to have the right tool for the job. Choosing the right shoe for your exercise regimen is no exception. Wearing the right shoe for your training can make a difference, give you an edge and help protect you from injury. But it’s not as simple as buying the most flashy or expensive.

I have met with many an enthusiastic client with all the most popularly advertised training gear expecting to jump higher or run faster because of the shoes that are on their feet, thanks to trends and slick advertising. The reality is, the most popular footwear isn’t always the correct shoe for training. For example, some of the most recognizable footwear are basketball shoes. That style of shoe is great if you are playing basketball, but if you are running for multiple miles with no jumping, that style of shoe may not support your foot at the level you need.

Find a shoe store that specializes in getting you the right shoe. In my experience I have found that shoe stores that specialize in running shoes tend to be the most knowledgeable. If the person helping you actually analyzes your foot stride you know you have struck gold. If not… keep looking!

It generally only takes a treadmill, a video recording, some observation, and some advice from a professional to leave the store with your perfect shoe.
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Once you find your preferred location, be upfront with your sales associate. Let them know the type of training you intend to do and what your budget is. Ask them questions such as “Does this shoe support my specific arch?” Or “How often should I replace my shoes?” Don’t skip on the conversation, because the information you can obtain will be invaluable. Let’s face it — you likely won’t do the research yourself.

The right shoe may not make you jump higher or run faster but it can protect you from unnecessary injury and provide the support you need to train harder and more efficiently.

By Rick Green