There are sheroes among us and Live & Thrive CA loves to turn the spotlight on them whenever we can. Women’s History Month is wrapping up and we want to take the opportunity to reintroduce four women passionate about changing the world right now.

Take a flavor tour of the world and experience new cultures through indigenous foods with celebrity Chef Shannon Kring. Find out how Tiffany Toney is empowering women to embrace their beauty along with their strength. Get involved with Evelyne Keomian’s foundation to help low-income children access education in the San Francisco Bay Area and in West Africa. Be inspired by Michelle Vilchez’s life of service and how she’s transformed communities facing adversity into places of strength.

Serving Up Global Nourishment, Celebrity Chef Shannon Kring Incorporates Indigenous Cultures at the Table

Shannon Kring

There are chefs who travel the world to bring exotic recipes to our kitchens, and then there are chefs whose pursuit of quality ingredients turn them into global advocates for sustainable farming practices and the rights of indigenous people who till the land. Shannon Kring is one such person, a stand-out among culinary professionals. 

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Owning Her Strength and Her Beauty, Athlete and Filmmaker Tiffany Toney Found Balance Through Positive Affirmations

Tiffany Toney

Tiffany Toney is a modern-day Renaissance woman. In college, she studied journalism and TV production while excelling as a three-sport athlete. Her book “The Beauty of Your Strength” is an Amazon bestseller. Tiffany’s mission is to empower women by creating content that doesn’t force them to choose between their strength and their beauty.

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The Power of Education, Evelyne Keomian and Her Foundation are Transforming the Lives of Women and Children in West Africa and Beyond

Evelyne Keomian

Growing up in abject poverty in Ivory Coast, West Africa, Evelyne Keomian knows firsthand the hardship of going hungry and being unable to attend school. Evelyn currently lives in Palo Alto, CA where she founded the Karat School Project. Her mission is to give children in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Ivory Coast, particularly girls, the opportunity to receive a quality education and make a better life.

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Influential Nonprofit Leader Michelle Vilchez Has Dedicated Her Life’s Work to Guiding Community Through Conflict

Michelle Vilchez

A Latina born into an immigrant family, Michelle Vilchez was raised with an attitude of gratitude. She grew up serving her community, and as executive director of the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center (PCRC), she positively impacts countless lives. In 2016, Michelle was named Woman of the Year by the California State Assembly for her dedication to creating better communities for all.

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By Eva Barrows