Music producer, songwriter and singer Marcus Bell “Bellringer” credits include top musical artists like Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. Marcus has collaborated with Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, Gala, and many more. His songs and soundtracks are featured on television shows and in films, including singles “Boy Listen” and “Own It” for the Starz series P-Valley and the song “Give Us Love” for Netflix’s hit series Ginny & Georgia. Last year Marcus released an R&B version of “Joy to the World” for Netflix’s movie Operation Christmas Drop.

Marcus has a passion for helping musicians and other creative professionals succeed in their careers. Early in his own career, Marcus dug himself out of 75k in debt to become a millionaire and the go-to music producer/songwriter for celebrity artists. He brings his valuable life experience to his Wealth and Impact Bootcamp and 100 Dayz Challenge programs to help people achieve their goals. Marcus has learned that making life changes in a group setting creates the accountability people need to move forward and find success.

How did you discover your talent and love for music?

When my mom was pregnant with me, she used to play classical music beside her stomach when she was sleeping. I don’t know the science behind that, but I think her doing that every night planted the musical seed in me. Music is like breathing to me. I am music. 

What was behind your decision to make music your career?
Marcus Bell in the studio

At two years old, I started playing the piano and began making money in entertainment at six years old. Being a child prodigy, my career in the music industry was basically inevitable. I decided at 12 to start a record label and make recordings so that I could share my songs with people, bring happiness, and lift people up emotionally. I realized in college that I’d be doing music the rest of my life and found that I could support myself financially in music by finding ways to create value

What’s been one of your most memorable experiences working with a musician you admire?

I’ve had so many memorable experiences, and the ones that stand out to me are spiritual or where the flow state was present. I remember being in Mumbai with the artist Shakti. We were in a recording session with some of the Bollywood musicians, and it was as if we all were levitating in the session the way we connected musically. It went beyond a physical musical experience. It was spiritual. 

What has been the highest achievement you’ve reached in your music career to date?

Having a career in the music business for so long is a high achievement for me. I went to Berklee College of Music in Boston, and the amount of students who don’t make music their full-time career makes me suffer. That’s why I am helping other artists create sustainable careers.

Why is it important for you to mentor up-and-coming young songwriters?
Marcus Bell chilling

A good mentorship relationship is reciprocal. It is not a one-way exchange. I learn from every developing artist and songwriter I work with. It’s important to me to always stay open to learning and growing.

What need does your book, “Bellringer Branding Bible: The 5 Musician Branding Principles for Singers, Rappers, DJs, Music Producers, Composers, Writers, and Recording Artists,” fill? 

The Branding Bible is a low-cost, high-value book I created to help the music community. It’s an easy way for people to gain from my specialized knowledge in brand building. The second part of the book has over 100 questions that if an artist seriously answers, they will have a powerful foundation to create their career. 

Why was it important for you to initiate the Wealth and Impact Bootcamp?

I needed to have a way to help more people and scale my time. I had been doing a lot of 1-1 coaching with various celebrity artists, developing artists, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. Since creating the program, I discovered the Bootcamp’s community aspect is crucial for people to realize their most ambitious goals. They are all successful and working to get to another level with their visibility in the world. It is where I can share the most important things I’ve learned about building wealth and making an impact on humanity.

What are a few ways people have benefited from the Bootcamp?
Marcus Bell against a wall

There are so many success stories. One of the participants became financially independent using the tools of the course, a few have left their 9-5 jobs and started their entrepreneurial journeys, and another participant landed and negotiated a 10k monthly salary increase at her job using methods from the Bootcamp. Other participants have won awards, been featured both in the media and have had their works used in the media, and have helped communities in need with their offer of value.

What is the purpose of the 100 Dayz Impact Challenge aspect of the Bootcamp?

It is what I call a dream accelerator. I’ve designed the 100 Dayz Impact Challenge to help people have a structure to achieve their most important aims. Participants in the official challenge have improved their health, bank accounts, creativity and many other areas of life. Whoever wants to have a better life, wants to be more powerful, and have a support community should join the challenge.

What’s up next in your music and life coaching pipeline?

I have a few songs that are being released this year. The next one is called Distancia, a collaboration with an artist from Spain named Cristina Malakhai. We’ve been winning many film festival awards with the music video, so I’m looking forward to it being publicly available for people to see. My focus in personal development and education is the 100 Dayz movement and the Wealth and Impact Bootcamp. I’m flirting with doing a learn Spanish in 100 Dayz challenge. Coming soon…

Marcus Bell

By Eva Barrows