For many, the year 2020 is one they’ll never forget for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which may be the loss of business, clients and direction, disruption of operations, lack of momentum and shattered identity. Any one of these things is challenging under normal circumstances, never mind during a global pandemic. But there are a few preliminary helpful steps one can take to begin to emerge out of the quagmire of emotional, spiritual and financial confusion or desperation. 

Seek Professional Support

If you feel completely ill-equipped to handle life as it now stands, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Chances are very good that everything will be okay, but everyone needs a little help sometimes. You are not alone, and there are many online or telehealth resources.


Turn off the news. Shut down social media. Make it a point each and every day to completely unplug and get back to the basics of living a simpler, less cluttered life, at least for one hour a day.

Take ONE

Take one moment at a time, as well as each day. Take one week or one month at a time. Drill down to whatever works for you. The key is to make smaller segments of time more manageable 

Manage Your Intentions, Not Your Time 

There’s a big difference between a “to-do list” and a “doing list.” Set small attainable goals each day and work your way up to larger ones. You are resilient. You are enough, but you must have clarity on what it is you’re trying to achieve. You need continuity in what you’re creating, and you must be consistent. Give your all to creating a new experience for yourself in 2021. Give your everything every day in every way.

And last but not at all least, follow the Confidence Strategies “TAT” rule: 

TRY Something New

You’ll be surprised how you may discover and create pleasant new experiences for yourself. Do now what you’ve always wanted to do. Write that book you always meant to write when you had zero hours. Engage in more conversations, not less. Conversations breed opportunity and ideas are born during meaningful connections with others.

ASK a Lot of Questions, Be Inquisitive

Ask your friends, colleagues and family members what they are doing differently since March 2020? How are they coping? What keeps them entertained or engaged in this new world? Learn more about you. Ask yourself, “What new thing have I discovered about myself during this pandemic?”

TAKE that Leap of Faith

Whether you’ve always wanted to learn to sing, paint, start a company or write a book, make a plan. Find a mentor or two. Invest in yourself. Take a chance on you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to start 2021 as an author or chef just as you had always imagined yourself to be? 

By Carmen Milagro