Summer is coming to an end, and the kids are going back to school. The quiet house invites you to start a new project. This year you can be a part of your child’s journey to success at school by creating peace in their study area. Homework will have a different sense of importance if done in a clutter-free space. Clear out excess stuff to encourage concentration without distractions.

Let your kids know you’d like to give their study habits a fresh start by making some improvements to their room. Sorting through outdated toys and games will help to reduce the clutter and open space for doing homework with a clear mind. Determining what to keep will offer ideas of how to corral and store like items for convenient use. Are there any items that can be relocated to another area of the house to be used more conveniently? Shop for character-adding storage baskets, bins, or cubbies to house like items inside the closet or within the room.

Make time with your kids to review the clothes in their closet and dresser. Assess whether the clothes are too worn, outgrown or if your kids no longer have an interest in certain pieces. Fall is a good time to rummage through existing Halloween costumes and accessories too. If needed, new clothes can be introduced when space is found.

Figure out what school supplies still need to be picked up for this school year. Do previous years’ soccer shoes still fit? Need a new gym bag or backpack? What school supplies do you already have? Check pens to make sure they have ink in them and toss out the used ones. Make a list of items that still need to be obtained and plan a time to get them.

Set a schedule for commitments outside of school such as sports, scouts and band practice to adhere to during the week. Something like a chalkboard or dry erase board for a family visual might be helpful to keep everyone on the same page. If your kids are older, maybe you’ll benefit from a shared online calendar. Donate gently used items that your kids don’t need anymore to a local charity or give the items to a friend or relative. Try holding a garage sale to make a little money for something your kids have their eye on. Opening up space in the house helps encourage focus and creativity!

By Wendy Quaccia