At the beginning of each year many of us passionately make resolutions that would help us leave behind bad habits and embrace healthy habits in order to become better people or achieve something that we have always wanted.

Overall health and wellness is one such area where each year scores of people make resolutions.

Regardless of whether you have made such resolutions at the beginning of the year or not, it’s a perfect time of the year to evaluate where you stand in terms of your health and overall wellness.

Here are a few lifestyle habits that require little adjustment and planning and will ensure all round health and wellness:

Practice slow eating

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association in 2011, researchers in New Zealand found that the speed of eating is directly linked to the body mass index. In a study comprising 2,500 women, they found that with each step up in the speed (on a scale of 1-to-5, from very slow to very fast), BMI increased by 2.8%. Slow eating gives you a chance to enjoy food and your mind a chance to process that your body is full.

Cook your meals

You will always consume fewer calories if you throw something together for yourself than dining out. That’s because you control the ingredients and the portion size. Stock your pantry and freezer ahead of time with staples such as vegetables, beans, soups, frozen vegetable pizza, brown rice, a can of black beans, etc. This will ensure you always have something to put together for dinner for yourself.

Plan ahead

When you know what you are going to eat, you will be more unlikely to eat out. Plan what you are going to eat at the beginning of every week so that you don’t find yourself scrambling to fill your belly when you are hungry.

Skip sweet fizzy drinks

A study at Tufts University in Boston comprised of 947 adults found that people who drank more sugary beverages were at higher risk of obesity and had a lower fiber intake. Most people don’t realize that orange juice and Coke have more calories than alcohol.

Make fiber your friend

There are several studies that show that fiber is directly related to weight loss and weight maintenance. Fiber passes through your system undigested and so your body has to work harder and longer to move it out. This revs up your metabolism and keeps you fuller longer. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans are all excellent sources of fiber.


Rosalidia Dubon

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