What does fashion mean to you?In a day and age where the word “Fashion” is used constantly, from hashtags, to magazines like ElleStella and Vogue, to your daily day time talk show, have you ever stopped and wondered what fashion means to you as an individual? Let’s look at its meaning and origin: fash·ion ˈfaSHən/ noun 1. 1. 
a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior. “his hair is cut in the latest fashion” 2. synonyms: vogue, trend, craze, rage. That’s the dictionary definition. But what does it mean to each of us? To me, in moments of my life where my world was difficult, I had become a single mom to 3 small children all under 5 years of age, working two jobs, 16hr days. On the days when I felt defeated and overworked, I would use fashion and style to encourage myself to keep going. A simple black puffy tulle skirtgoodwill find pearls, hand-me-down kitten heels, and an old tee would help me feel more Audrey Hepburn than the exhausted mom. It’s amazing how style and fashion gives someone the opportunity to choose who they want to be on that day. No matter how difficult or stressful our following day may be, we all have that one fashionable, well-fitting piece of clothing that makes us feel better and that’s so important for your self care. Fashion gives us the opportunity to be the character we want to be on that particular day. And for that reason fashion is held near and dear to my heart. Go find your definition of fashion today! – Karla Phoenix Rodriguez

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