Whenever I come back from walking Tui, our FitNFabs office mascot, during lunch, I feel energized and ready to tackle whatever tasks are ahead for the afternoon. Instead of feeling like I need coffee (or an afternoon sugar fix) to charge through the rest of the day, the fresh air clears my head and wakes me up – no stimulant needed. Even if our furry companion isn’t in the office, I still make sure to get out for a midday jaunt, since I’ve realized over the years that a quick fresh air break is vital to being efficient at work. 

I used to turn to coffee (or dare I say, an afternoon sweet something for that sugar rush), but honestly, once I discovered the benefits of a quick fresh air fix, I never turned back. If you have the time (and somewhere to change and freshen up at work!), then a lunchtime run, visit to the gym, or a yoga class can do you wonders. With your endorphins pumping, I guarantee that you will crush whatever is on your to-do list and your productivity will be at an all-time high! No more surfing the Internet while chugging coffee just to get through the afternoon (yes, we’ve all been there).

Don’t want to get sweaty or just don’t have the time with back-to-back meetings filling your calendar? Studies have shown that fitting in a few 5 minute walk breaks during your work day can stimulate creativity and energize the mind. Even better, make one of your meetings a walking meeting if you can – you’ll both feel better for it!

by Sarah Wilson

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