Most of us discover our life’s purpose at a very young age, but over time society convinces us that our work life is not supposed to be enjoyable. I discovered storytelling as my passion at age seven. I vividly remember casting peers in roles of my imaginary films, as if I were the director of my childhood. Somewhere along the way, I forgot my purpose as a storyteller, and before I knew it, I was seemingly stuck in a career that left me feeling empty and unfulfilled. Here are some of the ways I rediscovered my life’s purpose while shifting into my new career as a full-time creator.

Silence the Noise
I was unhappy with my career, and I wanted something different. To discover what I was seeking, I had to silence the noise by scheduling staycations at least once per month to reconnect with my inner voice. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to drive to the beach or on a day trip to the mountains. You might just find yourself while watching the sunset over the sound of your heartbeat.

Be Honest
Once I heard my inner voice speak, I had to be honest with myself about the reality that my daily routine was not in alignment with my heart’s desires. I could spend my life earning a paycheck, or I could take a risk and live.

Find a Mentor
I was able to find a successful mentor who was brutally honest with me about the reality of my strengths and weaknesses. He taught me to use my
true desires to develop a new career strategy.

Create a Vision Board
In creating a vision board, I was reminded of my passions every day, and I learned how to transform them from mere thoughts to tangible goals.

Take the Leap
In the beginning, I had no offers on the table, but I started doing the creative work anyway. I refused to wait for someone to ask for the art that was already in me. I knew the universe would provide the net for me if I took the leap, so I did my part by starting the work. I eventually attracted the right people and opportunities that brought about the manifestation of my true desires.

By Tiffany Toney