As you connect more and more to your divine source and purpose in life, signs of spiritual meaning will inevitably show up. But how do we get to that connection?

I am often asked this question by clients who are frustrated, stuck and challenged. However, we don’t have to wait until we feel stuck and frustrated to put the following simple tool to use. In fact, we can catapult our life forward by using it every moment of the day.

When presented with any situation in your day, choose the better feeling option. If you feel great where you are, stay there and saturate in that goodness. If you don’t feel good, find another option. There is always another better feeling option.

If you are in a situation that doesn’t feel good, choose to move physically out of the room. If you’re unable to move physically, move mentally.

You can do this by playing the “What If” game. This fun little abundance-bringer is played in two parts.

Part 1
Start to imagine your situation to be something so much more desirable and great feeling than what you are currently in.

Part 2
Find gratitude for whatever you can to appreciate the moment you are in and allow what you are not loving about that situation to no longer deserve your focus.

There’s always something to appreciate: your breath, your site, your amazing body working for you or if you are ill, the parts that are working for you, the incredible stamina and perseverance that are growing from the job you’d prefer to leave, the ways the person you are with is showing up for you. There is always something to be grateful for. 

Then guess what happens? Part 1 begins to show up in your life. Your gratitude begins to bridge the space between the desire of Part 1 and the launching pad of Part 2. What we think about comes to fruition. Energy flows where attention goes.

When we are vibin’ higher (living in a state of gratitude), things come into fruition more rapidly. All you have to choose is here or somewhere else. That’s it. When we take away the overwhelming pressure of deciding it all right now, our life begins to shift and move quickly. Abundance flows and happiness follows.

How can you choose a better feeling thought right now? If you are around people that don’t make you feel good, leave the conversation and notice your shift in feeling. Begin to listen to your desire and appreciate how you feel.

Notice how you feel…always. It is the guide to your life purpose and to your abundance. Where can you choose a better feeling thought today? When we create a lifetime of better feeling thoughts, we attract abundance, happiness, energy and health. You simply bring in more of what you focus on. 

Follow your heart. It knows the way to the life you’ve been dreaming of.

By Erin Garay