Conflicting information and policies around CBD use are confusing, sometimes frightening and often frustrating. It can be difficult to discern, process and dig through the myriad of CBD marketing jargon to get to the facts. Here are some quick guidelines to help you unravel the confusion surrounding hemp CBD.

How to Find Quality Hemp CBD Products

Whether you choose to use edibles, topicals, tinctures, capsules, or teas, choose products that are made with third-party tested, non-GMO, pure and organic hemp CBD oil. Settle for nothing less. You’ll soon notice that this eliminates many cheap and “less-than-desirable” brands. True clean pure organic hemp CBD products are not inexpensive.

Read your labels. Understand what the hemp CBD oil is blended with and ask the questions: Are these other ingredients nontoxic, organic, clean, and pure? What solvents are used when extracting CBD from the male hemp plant? The answers to these questions should clue you in on if the product is truly designed to help you versus those with less honorable intentions.

How to Administer Hemp CBD

CBD therapist and Ph.D., Dr. Katerina Rozakis of Insight Wellness Center advises that a prescription is not needed for hemp CBD. It’s always a good idea to discuss and set a plan for hemp CBD use with a CBD therapist, or with guidelines from a CBD educator or CBD coach advocate until you become your own self-care expert and learn proper CBD uses.

If you are taking other medications, always confirm whether or not there are potential negative interactions if you add hemp CBD to your daily regimen. You should learn to monitor your personal response to the use of
hemp CBD. If you choose not to work with or learn from CBD specialists, start with the lowest dose first and move up gradually to a higher dose if needed when ingesting hemp CBD products.

Remember, usage affects each person in a different way. Some people respond immediately to a regular daily low dose, but others take longer to see or feel any benefits from the use of hemp CBD. One-time use is usually not enough for most people to determine if they will benefit from using a hemp CBD product. Use as directed consistently for at least two to three weeks in order to begin feeling some positive effects. Keep in mind that there are some people, like myself, whose bodies are incredibly receptive to the benefits of hemp CBD. Everyone is different.

Major Benefits of Hemp CBD

One of the most important qualities of hemp CBD is its anti-inflammatory properties. This is important because, typically, the root cause of many ailments such as pain is inflammation. By reducing swelling in the body, you are very likely to reduce the problem.

Hemp CBD is a powerful antioxidant. It is rich in omega-6 and omega-9 and nourishes and moisturizes dry skin. Clean pure organic hemp CBD helps with anti-aging, can reduce symptoms of psoriasis and acne, and has anti-bacterial components. Hemp CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety, relieve stress, help with sleep issues while adding a general sense of well-being without any mind-altering effects.

By Carmen Milagro

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