Does hemp CBD offer comfort to cancer patients? There is no one-size-fits-all approach to this question. One thing to note is that hemp CBD is in no way a cure or magic pill for cancer. But yes, hemp CBD may bring comfort and relieve symptoms for some patients.

Patients should always consult and communicate with their doctors about their intention to incorporate the use of hemp CBD into their treatment regime. It is also important to check for any potential adverse drug interactions. A hemp CBD advocate, or better yet, a hemp CBD therapist can help a patient better navigate the dialog with their medical team.

In recent years, doctors caring for adult cancer patients in the United States who recommend the use of hemp CBD do so predominantly to manage their patients’ symptoms. According to the National Cancer Institute (, some doctors believe the use of hemp CBD may help their patients with:
• Nausea
• Appetite stimulation
• Pain management
• Sleep issues

Doctors have to consider factors like the following when making a treatment plan for patients:
• What is the patient’s diagnosis?
• Which symptoms are being addressed?
• What does comfort or relief mean to the patient?
• What other treatment is the patient receiving?
• How far along is the current treatment?

Various sources indicate many patients seek alternative relief during their cancer treatment journey. One must remember a few key things before considering the use of hemp CBD for their specific case. Hemp CBD does not work the same for everyone, and in some cases, it doesn’t work. Everybody is unique and will react differently to doses of hemp CBD. If a patient decides to use hemp CBD in conjunction with their treatments, as always, they should ensure the product they use is free from contaminants, is third-party tested, is non-GMO, organic and is as pure and clean as possible. This cannot be stressed enough.

By Carmen Milagro

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