Looking for alternative snacking options when all you really want is a cookie? You can achieve your goal physique while eating the foods you love as long as they fit in your daily calorie and macronutrient allowances. You can and should have that cookie and here are five reasons why:

Flexible Dieting

Fat loss is simple. It’s about burning more calories than you consume. There is not a single food item that will inherently make you fat. You will, however, gain fat when you have too much of it. Practicing flexible dieting is understanding that you eat foods you enjoy (that cookie) as long as it’s within your calorie and macronutrient allowance.


Quit trying to be perfect. The best way to guarantee failure is to adopt an all or nothing approach. With fitness and health, it’s about progress not perfection. The time it’s going to take for you to truly transform your body is much longer than the amount of time you’ll be capable of being perfect. Bend, don’t break, and adopt an 80/20 approach to things. Eighty percent of your food should come from nutrient-dense, whole foods and allow twenty percent for fun foods you enjoy.

Binge Restrict Cycles

So many diets fail because they’re centered around the things you should avoid. Telling yourself you can’t have that cookie will only make you want it more. And when you finally do crack and trust me, everyone does, the floodgates will open, and it won’t just be one cookie. It’ll be an entire box and then some. Work on trusting yourself to have the discipline to only have one. Enjoy it and move on with your day.

Alternatives Just Don’t Cut it

Let’s say you absolutely will not have that cookie and want an alternative. Have you ever seen protein cookie options? Next time you’re at the gym or grocery store, pick one up and check the nutrition facts. More often than not, they’ve added additional protein, so you’ll be getting more calories with the alternative cookie than in the one you were eyeballing in the first place.

Live Life

Sometimes self-care means having that cookie. Diet culture has made so many of us think that we’ll be happier when we hit a certain weight. It makes us forget to love ourselves at every stage in the journey. Even if it feels like you have a long way to go, remember to celebrate how far you’ve come.

By Nico Abaya