How many things do you want right now? Not tomorrow, not next week…right now. 

There are probably many things you want, just like the rest of us. I want the pandemic to be over. I want to lose the weight I gained during the pandemic. I want the world to feel peaceful. I want a cute, new, cozy sweater. Sound familiar? Whatever it is you are desiring is on its way to you. Beginning to believe and trusting in this concept will bring these “things” into your life faster than you can ever imagine. 

Everything happens in perfect Divine Timing, but timing is not necessarily about time. The Divine wants to change your heart, and when you decide it is finally time to make a shift, your desires will show up. It is as simple as that. Often, we get frustrated waiting for our dreams to come true, but when we look at this time as a pause, as a transformation and a preparation for our heart, we bring our dreams to fruition much faster. We can look at this time in between our desire and its delivery as “me time.” 

Our external world is a vibrational match to our internal world. During this time lapse between our desire and its delivery, we often grow, change and learn. Energetically, this shifting of our heart raises our vibration to become a match for what we are desiring. As soon as we are a match, our desire arrives. 

If you don’t like what you see in your world right now, look inward. How can you be those things that you are looking to have? Our internal world defines our external world. We all have an energetic frequency based on the peace of our emotions. We are attracting everything that is our frequency’s match. 

Have you ever noticed that when you’re in a bad mood, you seem to hit every red light? Have you also noticed that when you’re in a great mood, you seem to hit every green light, or if you hit a red light you don’t care because your favorite song is on the radio, offering you a chance to dance it out at the stoplight? 

When your heart radiates those things, you attract them. Your mother probably told you, “To have a friend, be a friend.” She was right, naturally. Like attracts like. You are a magnet that attracts precisely what you are. 

Are you hoping to attract more intimacy in your relationship? How intimate and vulnerable are you in your current relationship? Are you hoping to attract a better job? How responsible are you at your current job? Do you need to learn or perfect a skill set before you are a vibrational match to your next job? Or do you need to believe in yourself and have the confidence in yourself that you are worthy of this new role?

Often in the office place, people are not promoted until they are already performing the role. This is the same concept with your energy. When your energy is already functioning like it has what it wants, the “thing you want” arrives. 

If you do not have what you want yet, look inward. How can you begin to shift and change your internal world to attract your desired external world?

By Erin Garay