Life is all about what you make out of every situation. We all have our ups and downs. When things go well we feel positive, energized and enthusiastic. What happens when things don’t come out as planned? In most cases when this happens we shut down, feel overwhelmed, frustrated and disinterested.

I have learned to keep calm when things don’t turn out the way I expected. I keep a positive mind even when things aren’t going well. I look at what that specific situation is trying to teach me and know that the storm will soon be over. This way of thinking has taught me to be thankful for everything in my life, whether it was a stormy relationship, a job-related issue, or financial difficulties. When I keep positive and thankful for every situation in my life, I feel like nothing can bring me down and feel ready to take on the next challenge stronger than ever.

I strongly believe that we need to go through the dark in order to appreciate the light. I dare you to become stronger by keeping a positive outlook on life and being thankful for the difficult situations that arise!


Rosalidia Dubon

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