Do you often think, “If I just had some start-up cash, or my debt was paid down, or if I lost 20 pounds, then I’ll be ready to take the next step?”

I hear you. We all think that way because it just feels safer. We’re not putting ourselves out there, risking anything, or taking a chance if we wait.

But no matter where you are or how little you think you have, there is always a step you can take. Not a giant leap like our minds often try to scare us into believing we have to take…just a step.

Because until you take the first step, your mind will keep coming up with reasons why you can’t. That’s why we’ve all watched days, months and years pass by, and yet we find ourselves standing at the starting line.

Here’s what’s so ironic, once you take the first step, it’s not so bad! The fear actually lives in the anticipation, not the thing itself.

With each step, you realize the fear was simply caution tape guarding your dreams. There was no substance to it. You just had to decide it wasn’t going to stop you.

If you feel you don’t have the time, resources or abilities you need to step forward, or you just feel scared that somehow you risk losing something if you try, I invite you to consider this powerful principle that can unlock exactly what you need:

Start where you are with what you have.

This seems almost too simple. And, at first glance, you may think it isn’t enough to get you where you want to be. But, this action unlocks a powerful principle of gratitude: Whatever you appreciate, grows!

What does that mean for you? If you are stuck on what you don’t have and why you can’t take a step, you are growing more and more lack. If you focus on what you do have and take the step you can take, you are growing abundance. 

When you can stop to notice what you do have – and do what you can with what you have been given – it will not only start moving you forward, but it will open the way for more and even better resources to flow into your life.

There is literally an ocean of resources available to support you in your journey through this life. But, if you focus on what’s missing or what you don’t have, you’ll never see them.

So, what DO you have? Even if it doesn’t seem like it’s enough to fill in the gap or to get you where you want to be, start with it. If you have five dollars, what could you do with it? If you have five minutes, how could you use it?

Start where you are with what you do have right now. Before you know it, you’ll get into a rhythm. Step by baby-step, you’ll climb your way up Mount Everest.

By Lauren Brollier

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