When we are struck with sadness, recovering from an illness, or experiencing a life change, we need to make self-care our highest priority. Processing and healing emotions tax our adrenal system and cause us to feel forgetful, anxious, and exhausted. Sound familiar? This happens because our body’s energy is scattered and vibrates at a lower frequency. It doesn’t have to be this way though. Here are some simple tips that can help raise your energy, and improve your health and mood quickly.

Become a Water Diva and Hydrate
Years ago, I became a water diva and my body thanks me every day for this simple change. Drinking tap water tends to wash away the vital minerals that we need to rebuild our system. Choosing water in glass bottles with high levels of minerals such as Mountain Valley or Gerolsteiner will replenish your body with necessary minerals, as well as hydrate you. Dehydration-triggered migraines may dissipate, and you’ll have much more energy when you drink enough water. Find out how you can help people around the world access healthy clean water by checking out charitywater.org.

Take Care of Your Gut
It is said that our gut could actually be our first brain since it manages so much thinking and emotional processing. While healing from a period of illness or sadness, our gut may be riddled with candida and parasites. A great natural way to begin healing your gut is to drink this healthy little cocktail every day before you brush your teeth in the morning: Drink 8 ounces of water with 2 tablespoons of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar and a squeeze of lemon juice. This cocktail will give you more energy and clarity by way of hydration and cleaning out the candida.

One Minute Meditation
We all wish we could spend hours in meditation but feel guilty even beginning a practice because we know we can’t dedicate that much time. But the truth is a one minute meditation makes a huge difference. Simply promise yourself this one thing: “I will not place my head down on the pillow until I’ve spent one minute in meditation with my eyes closed, listening to my breath.” This one minute will change the amount of patience and presence you have in your life. Just try it for one week to see what happens.

Write to Clear Your Mind
Upon waking up write uninterrupted, unjudged, uninhibited for two minutes about whatever is on your mind. This simple practice called “The Morning Pages” from the book The Artist’s Way, will help you clear your mind and spend your day grounded and present.

Become a Gratitude Guru
Find a friend, colleague or neighbor to text every day. Each day, each person texts one thing they are grateful for from that day to their partner. This process allows your gratitude to be seen and experienced, and it will raise your vibration and your health quickly.

These five techniques are simple, doable, and will make such a difference in your life. Choose one to begin your healing process this week. Love yourself enough to heal. Heal yourself enough to thrive.

By Erin Garay