Unlike many of our furry friends, most humans cannot simply disappear into a dark cozy cave to sleep away the winter months. Some may dream of doing this, but in today’s busy world, it’s probably not a real option, now is it?

For many people, the shorter days and longer nights may affect their mood, sleep patterns, general attitude and overall emotional outlook.

Here are a few tips to help beat the mild winter woes:

  1. Set your favorite anthem song, disco tune or favorite summertime jam as your wake-up alarm. Hopefully, you’ll wake up with a smile on your face and a spring in your step. I love waking up to “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing.”
  2. Practice a daily meditation with a grateful mind. No matter what the season, living a grateful life allows people to experience more peace and joy. Every single day I am grateful for the life I am blessed to live.
  3. Change the “wallpapers” on all of your devices (laptops, mobile phones, desktops) to floral patterns, cute puppies or monster trucks…whatever brings you joy. This is a subtle yet effective way to encourage positive energy flow. I love seeing bright colors, florals, and my favorite people as reminders of the joy in the world. Every reminder helps.
  4. Take some “me” time. No matter what that entails, be sure to carve out some time for yourself. My favorite “winter getaway” is lighting dozens of candles around my bathtub, sprinkling rose petals and adding Damascus Rose and other essential oils to my bathwater. Creating an in-home spa experience costs very little. It instantly transports me to various places I have traveled to, seen photos of, or imagined in my mind’s eye.
  5. Plan your spring getaway, summer vacation or create a list of the activities you want to do when the weather clears up. This is a wonderful way to set the tone for the promise of warmer weather and long days.
  6. Last, but not least, smile. Smile at everyone. A smile begets a smile. So when you jump out of bed in the morning, smile at the first person you see…hopefully, that person will smile back as you look into the mirror.

By Carmen Milagro