There you were doing so well with your workouts and then boom. You fell off. Don’t worry. It happens to all of us. Here are six tips to help you start exercising with regularity again.

Focus on Progress Not Perfection
Don’t set unrealistic expectations. Make sure your goals are attainable. If you focus on being perfect, it’s only a matter of time until you fail. Focus on being a little better each week; that’s where the magic happens.

You gained some weight back after a few days of not exercising, so what? More damage comes from beating yourself up about being off your plan than the act of not sticking to the plan. No good comes from beating yourself up. Be happy. You enjoyed yourself for a few days. Be grateful for the experiences and move on.

Before you freak out about how much damage you did to your progress, be consistent with drinking plenty of water. Bloating from higher sodium foods and dehydration often accounts for a majority of the pounds resulting from a slip-up. Keep hydrated and you’ll be surprised by how much weight comes off within a few days.

Have a Plan
A goal without a plan is a wish. Write your goals down to increase the likelihood of success. Your goals can range from eating more fruit to specific calorie targets.

Accountability Partner
Find someone who’s on a similar mission and team up with them to keep each other accountable. You could get a new running partner, hire a personal trainer or check-in with a friend on social media.

Never Miss Two Days in a Row
This rule is so simple yet so effective. Momentum plays a big part in progression. If you miss a workout, make sure to get one in the next day. If you overeat one day, make sure to get back on track at your next meal.

By Nico Abaya