More than likely, you’re doing your best to train by doing what you are most accustomed to doing. At some point, it would not be an uncommon situation for you to feel that your typical exercise routine has started to feel a bit redundant. Guess what? That’s ok. Now is the perfect time to try a new sport or training routine you have always been interested in. You don’t have to be intimidated to try something different.

I have spent most of my life in some sort of boxing or martial art training. However, in my early youth soccer was my go-to sport. Soccer workouts are what led me into a lifetime passion for exercise. Training for a soccer match is somewhat different than training for a one-on-one physical competition. It requires a different type of conditioning and coordination. The change-up in my training style and the new challenges in my workout techniques take me out of my comfort zone. I love it! I see new results daily.

One of my favorite things to do is research different training techniques online.

Try this:

Search for a training style system you have always been curious about online. The internet is filled with tons of training information. YouTube is a wonderful resource for looking up training techniques. Have at it, in a safe and responsible way. No need to rush — we got time.

By Rick Green

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